Tuesday, August 06, 2013

3 years and DONE

I don't often keep a project on the hook or needles for more than a year although in the last 3 years, I've had 2 - both blankets... blankets created as one large piece, not as squares.

So one, that tells me if I am going to do a blanket and have any hope of finishing it in less than a year I should make it in pieces and two, well... there is no two.

So the two projects that took more than a year: the Navajo Diamonds blanket I'm currently working on - started it last year in August (officially 1 year on the hook in about another week or so) and then a giant granny scrapghan.

I am here today to share the Scrap-ghan with you.

According to my Ravelry Project List, I started the Extreme Granny in 2010. I finished it in June/July making it just shy of the 3 year mark.

 So what makes it extreme, you ask?

The most extreme about this blanket is that it was crocheted holding 4 strands of worsted weight yarn together.

I only used scrap yarn and had no vision of the color changes that it would have before I actually started it. I just grabbed a ball of yarn and went with it.

Obviously, the stripe colors got thinner and thinner as I went around because scraps are scraps - and the perimeter continued to grow so unless I happened to grab a like color, the color shifts were much more frequent the further along I got into the project.

There is nothing extreme about the pattern - its just a huge granny square. But even though it is just one big square, it weighs around 10 pounds. No joke.

While it was somewhat fun to work on at first, I got pretty well bored of it and would simply say I was going to feed my blanket some yarn. It ate yarn out of my stash very quickly - all those small balls of yarn were nom-nom-nom'd in a matter of minutes by this monster.

It lived in a garbage bag shoved under the guest room bed for the last 2 years.

Now it lives happily on top Squirt's bed and is loved every day.


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