Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crochet for Men eBook

How untimely can one person be? I'm not quite sure but I keep surprising myself each and every day *laughs* in the last 24 hours, I have thought of three different things I knew I wanted to blog about and never did... and they are things that are done and passed... but ya know, I'm going to share them anyway.

Today's post is something I was VERY excited about - I was featured in an ebook!

Yup - lil ole me! My pattern for the "Manly Sports Afghan" was selected to appear in a book called Crochet for Men: 14 Crochet Afghan Patterns for Men and Boys. It is even pictured on the cover (the bottom framed image - blue and orange). Here is a link to download the book.

I was contacted in April with a request for permission to use the pattern but for some reason, I had forgotten about it. I was excited then but realized I should not be blogging about something that hadn't happened yet. Then I got a notice that the book was finished and available. Again, I was really excited - but for some reason I didn't blog about it! I don't understand that... but so goes life.

The book is still available for download at the link above. It is a free download, which makes it even better. The idea is the same as my intro to the afghan - it is very easy to find patterns that are more feminine but masculine patterns are more difficult to find. The book was put together by All Free Crochet Afghans Patterns and includes several patterns ranging from easy to advanced.

I hope you head over there and download your copy. While the ebook was published to be used for Father's Day, there are plenty of holidays that would warrant a wonderful gift from you to him.


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Congrats on being featured in the ebook!

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