Friday, January 08, 2010

Addiction, Aschmickson

My husband and I both know that I have a problem. It's apparent when my entire day at work is filled with the excited statement "He's taking me yarn shopping" followed by a giddy, school-girl giggle. However, I insist that it is only an addiction if someone admits that it's a problem - and there is no way I'll be doing that anytime soon.

Before the end of the work day, a coworker made my husband's life even worse by spilling the beans there was a very small knitting shop on the south side of the city. "WHA!?!?!?!" How in God's creation did that fact elude me? My coworker informed me that yes - it was a little more expensive but his wife just loved the yarn from there. Well - I believe I would just have to make that sacrifice. Someone has to, right?

So we go. When my coworker said it was a very small knitting shop, he excluded the fact that it pretty much looks like a brick woodshed. The building is VERY small and in a rather odd location. But, ya know what - that's ok - because when I opened the front door, the warm air wooshed by me, and behold - it was like a scene from The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. I felt my hair blow back from my face - all I saw were walls and walls of yarn. I felt like I was standing still and the walls of yarn were building upon themselves, leading back to a never-ending hall of goodies. I'm pretty sure my poor husband saw my eyes glaze over and gave a loud, "oh God we are going to be broke by the end of the month" kinda sigh. It was his distress or the children running by me like they were entering a candy shop that shook me, allowing me to enter my Winter Wonderland.

The store was going to close shortly (odd Friday and Saturday hours... hmph), but that was ok. The lady said she had a few things to take care of and I should feel free to look around. Usually I would just say it was ok and back out, giving her her space - but not now. Oh no. I was going in. I didn't know where to start... left, right, back, front, high low.... my sense of touch was on overload. I had no idea such wonderful yarns existed in this podunk, midwest city.

I did end up making a small purchase and a promise to myself that I will return soon (or maybe I was rubbing the yarn and giving it reassurance it would be ok.. could go either way). I purchased 2 skeins of Encore burgundy yarn (pictured above) and an afghan hook - I am going to give Tunisian Crochet a bit of a whirl. The yarn is for a hat for my husband (justifying addiction again through giving to others).

The rest of my shopping was done at Hobby Lobby. After having been in that other store, Hobby Lobby wasn't so shiney and bright - don't worry, I mustered my way through *laughs* - They had a sale on "I love this Yarn" brand - 2.89 a skein. Not terrible. These are the flecked tan and blue skeins in the picture. The pink are the Vannah White brand, which I do like. Then, my husband so lovingly reminded me that I needed bigger hooks for the other yarn so I scored a set of hooks that included L, M, and P sizes - three I don't have. I'm not a fan of acryllic hooks, but begger's can't be choosers ... besides, not getting the metal now means I'll get them later.

The projects to be made with these yarns:
Pink - scarf for my son's friend at school (she does not have a scarf and asked if I could make her one)
Tan Flecked - scarf being made for charity
Burgundy - hat for husband
Blue - I don't know... it was on sale and I had to have it.

I still need to purchase some green and camo Red Heart brand to finish off my son's afghan, but that's ok - I have gotten my fix for the night....


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