Monday, May 27, 2013

My Current Sock in Progress

I have decided to expand the blog a little bit without changing the name. I do a lot with yarn that isn't just crochet. Now, while the blog will continue being primarily crochet - here goes a nice knit post.

I have come up with a pretty solid "vanilla sock" - a repeatable process, if you will. So, after making a few pairs using my recipe, I decided to make a fancier sock.

This sock is being knit with base inspiration from this pattern I found on Ravelry: Waffle House Sock by Brooklyn Handspun.

When I say that its inspired, I'll say that I could follow the basic pattern but I used a different cast on and increase type... and different weight yarn which means a different number of stitches cast on.

I admit, I am NOT good at modifying knit patterns - I consider myself rather novice when it comes to knitting. So truthfully, I feel pretty good about these socks (outside of the fact the pattern isn't acting very nice right now as I have a large blob of grey in the back on the leg of the sock..... ). I think they are working up rather nicely although it is slow going.

What this pattern/experience has given me is a little confidence in modifying a pattern to suit my yarn - and an idea of how to create another pattern about "how to make your own sock patterns based on my vanilla sock" - pretty exciting stuff!

That's my sock in progress....

I have really enjoyed doing socks so I think there is a good chance that I will always have a SIP to show you.


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