Friday, April 08, 2011

Finally Finished Friday

Basket weave baby blanket in pastel green
All I can say, is *WHEW*

I have worked solely on the baby blanket and it's finally done! This is the same blanket that started out as a bobble blanket, was frogged, and then re-started in the basket weave pattern.

I have not had time to block it and honestly, it lays pretty flat and square.

The pattern is a simple basket weave in squares of 5 stitches. I couldn't decide on an edging and the comments made sense - I had to take into consideration that I don't know the gender so I didn't want anything too frilly and I also needed to consider the pattern of the blanket. I didn't want to conflict with the pattern by putting on a busy edging.

So - I went simple. The edging is a simple sl/dc in all the stitches around. It adds a little frill but not enough to compete with the pattern of the blanket.

I have to say that I really do like this blanket and I hope that my friend and his wife appreciate and enjoy it.


If you are interested in reading about other's finished projects, do stop on over to Tami's Amis blog and check out the link party.


Marjorie Jones said...

The baby blanket turned out simply lovely, what a lucky baby to be wrapped in such beautiful love! The edging turned out perfect!

LyndaGrace said...

I'm sure the new parents will be thrilled with this beautiful blanket.

CrochetConcupiscence said...

Nice simple edging. Good choice. I'm sure that parents and baby will both appreciate it! said...

It turned out really pretty. :-)

Jmskoch said...

That is beautiful. I think basket weave is a classic pattern and I'm sure the recipients will appreciate it!

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